Our Environment

The Earth is the resource that matters most. We understand, now more than ever, what humankind requires in order to be healthy and survive. Yet many are ignoring the negative impact we are having on our planet. Costs are skyrocketing due to weather damaging military bases, homes, and property around the globe. New York should be a model for the rest of the United States in reducing environmental impact and development of green technologies.


Campaign Finance Reform and Citizen Involvement

Money in politics is one of the biggest threats to quality representation in our government. Corporations and special interests can easily influence our elected officials by signing a check. This has got to stop. Corruption and money have been a part of the Albany political atmosphere for long enough. It is time for real reforms that strengthen citizen involvement and limit the influence of corporations and special interests.


Taxation: Reducing Property Taxes

The current property taxes of many Monroe County residents are too expensive. I support fully funding our schools but not at the cost of taxing people out of our area. There are many options that could be considered to help lower property taxes and at the same time fully funding our schools.


Opioid Crisis and Our Healthcare

The RAND Institute has done extensive research and determined that single-payer health care is viable in New York state. In fact, by 2031 it could save all of us $15 Billion dollars annually over the current system.


Jobs and Energy Plan

Waste-to-Energy is a possible solution to processing our garbage, providing heat and electricity to Monroe County, increase revenue for the county in order to lower property taxes and invigorate the job market in our area.