Campaign Finance Reform and Citizen Involvement

Money in politics is one of the biggest threats to quality representation in our government. Corporations and special interests can easily influence our elected officials by signing a check. This has got to stop. Corruption and money have been a part of the Albany political atmosphere for long enough. It is time for real reforms that strengthen citizen involvement and limit the influence of corporations and special interests.

I will fight to restructure campaign finance laws so that there will be an independent board that sets strict fundraising guidelines and limits that will encourage direct voter contact over large donor contributions. I will push for a public sponsored voucher system in combination with private and public funds. I favor a system where a candidate must raise a specified amount in order to qualify to receive public funding through a voucher system where each registered voter will be give an equal amount to pledge for the primary and for the general election. This allows individuals to raise money from corporations and private citizens to give them the ability to back candidates but once they reach their specified amount they must cease raising money and work to get vouchers pledged in order to continue to fund their campaign. Additionally, I support making our voting process more accessible so that we are all able to participate fully. Early voting and a much simpler registration process will make it easier for people to be engaged in our election process.

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