Taxation: Reducing Property Taxes

The current property taxes of many Monroe County residents are too expensive. I support fully funding our schools but not at the cost of taxing people out of our area. There are many options that could be considered to help lower property taxes and at the same time fully funding our schools.

First, our government needs to look at consumption taxation and make sure that where we do have sales tax it is evenly applied. Sales tax on cars is set at 4% but is capped at $725. This means that if you buy a$20,000 or a $60,000 car you both pay the same dollar amount but a heavier burden is put on those buying lower cost cars. I propose lowering the rate to 3% and removing the cap, so that luxury cars are taxed at the same rate as all other vehicles.
Second, marijuana legalization is coming to New York State. Our district needs my representation to fight for a tax structure that will benefit Monroe County rather than elected officials that fight the legalization instead of fighting for the tax benefit it could be for all of us. It is estimated that the marijuana industry is $3.1 Billion for New York State. If we put a consumption based tax rate for all recreational use, we could provide school funding from this tax and reduce property taxes in our county for everyone. Finally, my economic plan for implementing waste-to-energy plants in New York help us deal with our trash, food waste, and recycling but it also would be a revenue stream for the counties where these facilities are located. Monroe county could be the location for two major waste-to-energy facilities that would generate revenue of $180 million dollars annually, the fees and taxes from these plants could provide additional funding for infrastructure and school programs which would be another way to help lower our property taxes while supporting what we need.


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