People over Politics, Community over Party

Politics as usual have left us with a landfill issue and a lack of planning for modern technological advancement. We need new leadership with a clear vision to integrate modern locally operated waste to energy technology and plans for development that keep Perinton modern and beautiful. I know the challenges our community faces because I am here beside you working hard to raise my children and provide for my family. I will fight for transparent, fiscally responsible, accountable town government. We can all thrive and our futures can be bright but we need fresh eyes and new ideas not politics as usual.

Economic Equality

I will work to build a community where people come first in an economy that is equitable and fair.

I believe that people deserve living wages, and I believe women should be paid as much as men. All workers have the right to organize and negotiate collectively, in order to best provide for themselves, their families, and, ultimately, our community.


The foundation of economic equality is education. We learn about our past, we’re informed about the present, and we create a future through education. I believe that public education should not be privatized.

All children deserve high-quality educations with environmental supports that will nurture their development. As such, students should not be burdened by punitive behavioral constraints or excessive standardized testing. I will work to build partnerships between local K-12 schools and higher education, where we’ll develop programs to help our students prepare for available jobs when they graduate. We must ensure that all children are given the resources and educational opportunities to succeed in life. I support free college opportunities for all, the relief of student loan debt, and the elimination of the student loan system.


I will work to establish educational and business partnerships, to develop a workforce prepared for today's jobs.

Education is not an appendage of an economy; it is the backbone of an economy. We need better partnerships with local community colleges. High school students must learn necessary skills to smoothly transition to secondary education, where they’ll receive training in their pursuits of gainful employment. We need a representative who will build partnerships with viable industries in our area. Rochester faced a recent setback when two photonics companies that pledged to locate here decided to relocate to Syracuse. It’s time to realistically assess the competitive advantages Rochester possesses and identify which companies would best be served by our workforce.

Improving our local economy is a top priority of local leaders, but they lack a dedicated and energized partner to fight for us in Albany. I pledge to work closely with our community, educators, and business leaders to create strong partnerships that will produce high-quality education, a thriving business-friendly environment, and a comprehensive economic ecosystem for Rochester.

Housing and Development

I support policies that place community needs at the forefront of development.

Accessible transportation, green spaces, and convenient access to food, jobs, and healthcare will help our community thrive. I will fight for affordable and fully accessible housing and support policies for temporary, safe housing for anyone in need. I oppose development that profits a few at the expense of many. I will fight to implement modern technology to make our community more energy efficient and to handle our waste at the local level.


Our local environment must be protected.

Our community's quality of life is directly affected by our environment, we are responsible for repairing past damage done while fighting to improve our local environment and community. I support policies that ensure a sustainable, healthy environment where all people have access to safe food, safe drinking water, and clean air.

I will fight to hold Waste Management responsible for their part in the negative impact the high acre landfill has had and work to create a comprehensive plan that will establish Perinton as an energy producer and move to locally operated waste-to-energy models.

Equality for All

All means all, without exception or qualification.

All people should be able to participate and have a voice in their communities. All people should receive the same rights, protections, and services. I will fight to oppose any form of systemic racism; oppression; injustice; and violence directed at people of color or other minority groups. I will fight for policies that respect the rights of all people to live with dignity and acceptance.